Adwash Exential is an effective Host Manager (in free beta for Windows) designed to block most of the advertising in all the browsers you use. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is not detected by the Anti-Adblock programs and this means that, unlike many other systems such as plugins and various extensions, you will be able to navigate WITHOUT restrictions or be blocked in turn.


AdWash is NOT perfect or better than others but certainly different!

Different because it does not act in the browser but directly in the Windows HOST file by blocking the DNS of the advertising Adserver at the root.


Your indirect benefit

AdWash offers a free browsing experience by also natively blocking the profiling and tracking of behavioral data intended in turn for advertising retargeting. Behavioral advertising uses information collected from user behavior (pages visited, searches done ..) to identify the interests of users and, on that basis, to provide advertising relating to products or services sought by the user, and therefore poses problems related to respect for privacy. AdWash also integrates Parental Control a SMART system that allows you to automatically inhibit all those sites deemed 'HARMFUL / DANGEROUS' mainly for minors guaranteeing extra protection for you and your family. The Black List is categorized and constantly updated.

AdWash supports digital freedom and is against exclusively advertising systems deemed intrusive and / or not very respectful of users' privacy. Being a complex and complex system to date we cannot establish and intervene on all the individual restrictions that are applied in a generic form by the system itself which indiscriminately blocks the advertising formats most used on the web. For many, this activity is considered unethical especially for those who offer a free information and / or entertainment service. Ultimately: you are free to decide whether to use AdWash or to watch the advertising ensuring the right economic income for those who offer you for free what you need and enjoy every day.

AdWash offers only one tool and now that you are ethically aware you decide whether to use it or not ..

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